Discovery Sessions

GENRE: #progressive-house #melodic-house

SET: 4

Come with me: My 4th mix - in my Journey of Discovery. Respectfully dedicated to Maxi Jazz and the Faithless family - A more vocal track mix this one which builds up to the Classics of faithless - honestly found this a real struggle to create - maybe a real sense of loss as it was faithless that tuned my ears and heart to dance - or is it finding tracks to equal those faithless iconic tracks to mix - still no FX or filters at this stage - ALL on the EQ in the transitions as I learn to build on a solid foundation as a DJ. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have discovering the tracks and building the playlist ; ) Pablo

# Artwork Track Title Artist Album Genre BPM Rating Time Key Date Added
1 Drifting Away (Paradiso Remix) Faithless Reverence / Irreverence Dance / Electro Pop 128.02 *     06:46 Dmaj 2022-12-27
2 Stella (Original Mix) Matchy, Th;en Stella Melodic House & Techno 121.00 *     07:25 C#min 2022-12-19
3 Jaruh (Original Mix) Matan Caspi, Roy Kubi Jaruh Progressive House 121.00 *     07:05 Emaj 2022-12-24
4 In the Glow (Extended Mix) OC & Verde, Artche In the Glow (Extended Mix) Melodic House & Techno 124.00 *     07:36 Bbmin 2022-08-31
5 Self Inquiry (Original Mix) Stan Kolev Self Inquiry Progressive House 123.00 **   07:13 Bbmaj 2022-12-19
6 Nothing to Hide (Extended Mix) Cosmic Gate, Diana Miro Nothing to Hide Trance 123.00 **   06:32 Amin 2022-09-24
7 Body Sun (Claptone Remix) RY X Body Sun House 122.00 **   06:35 Amin 2022-08-31
8 Desire (Vintage Culture & Kiko Franco Remix) ZHU, Bob Moses Desire - Vintage Culture & Kiko Franco Remix Dance / Electro Pop 124.00 **   05:46 Gmin 2022-08-31
9 Should Have Seen It Coming feat. AETHO (Yotto Extended Mix) Franky Wah, AETHO Should Have Seen It Coming (Yotto Remix) Melodic House & Techno 123.00 *     06:38 Ebmin 2022-08-31
10 Children (Extended Mix) Robert Miles, Tinlicker Children Trance 124.00 **   07:09 Fmin 2022-09-24
11 All I Got (Extended Mix) Miss Monique All I Got Melodic House & Techno 123.00 ***   07:05 Ebmin 2022-08-31
12 Hear Me Out (Extended Mix) Cosmic Gate, Diana Miro Hear Me Out Trance 123.00 ***   07:25 Amin 2022-09-24
13 Borderline (KeeQ Remix) IDQ Borderline Melodic House & Techno 123.00 ***   08:31 Amin 2022-12-24
14 Hide U (Chicola Extended Remix) Sandy Rivera, Rae Hide U - Chicola Extended Remix Melodic House & Techno 122.00 ***   07:37 C#min 2022-12-24
15 Let Go feat. Kate Miles (Extended Mix) Evgeny Lebedev, Kate Miles Let Go Trance 126.00 ***   06:15 Bbmin 2022-09-24
16 Music Is The Answer (Hot Since 82 Remix) Joe Goddard Music Is The Answer - Hot Since 82 Remix Tech House 123.00 **** 08:13 Gmin 2022-08-31
17 Need To Feel Loved (Extended Mix) Foret, Cosmic Gate Interplay 2019 Trance 128.00 ***   06:49 Dmin 2022-09-24
18 Keep On Holding feat. Jan Burton (ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi Extended Mix) Jan Burton, Gabriel & Dresden Keep On Holding (ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi Remix) Trance 128.00 ***** 06:45 C#min 2022-07-31
19 Insomnia (Original Mix) Faithless Reverence / Irreverence Dance / Electro Pop 127.01 ***   08:46 Bmin 2022-12-27
20 Salva Mea (Original Mix) Faithless Godskitchen Pure Trance Classics Trance 128.24 **** 03:42 Cmaj 2022-12-27
21 God Is a DJ (Original Mix) Faithless Sunday 8pm / Saturday 3am Dance / Electro Pop 130.06     08:01 Bbmaj 2022-12-27
22 Tarantula (Original Mix) Faithless Outrospective (Reperspective The Remixes) Dance / Electro Pop 136.00 ***   06:42 Gbmin 2022-12-27
23 We Come 1 (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix) Faithless Outrospective Dance / Electro Pop 135.99     08:19 Bbmin 2022-12-27




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A purveyor of escapism, deeply infectious trance grooves and transcendent feel good vibes that evoke pure lost in the moment pleasure.

Go on a journey of wonder with DJ Old Man Pablo. Never afraid to dive deeper into other genres or cultures to unearth a hypnotic groove or hidden treasure that he can weave into his sets to delight his audience and take them on the journey with him. His musical selections are pure lost-in-the-moment therapy.

Having discovered the power of trance in the late 90’s, Old Man Pablo ended up going on his own musical journey of discovery. From his vinyl days to educating himself in the art of digital mixing, today, his desire is to share his discoveries – which translates into melodic, ethereal EDM sets that take over the mind and lose the audience in the moment – getting people excited about the beats which excite him.

No stranger to the varied genres within music, Pablo consistently delves into other musical spectrums for influence. Broadening his knowledge and pushing his boundaries to deeply understand and uncover hidden treasures, he infuses all the pieces of music he loves in a bid to share his eclectic findings and delight his audience. Though he loves to play the tracks he discovers, his passion for music goes much further; he pushes himself to continuously learn his craft and is dedicated to helping himself and others enjoy dance music through his passion and purpose. His next venture is to progress into EDM production.

“For me, it’s all about tracks that have a deep, hypnotic groove… those which help people to escape reality, be lost in that moment and to be uplifted and filled with wonderment – without ever realising it.”

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