SET 1 – Discovery Sessions

“Take a bow. Ridiculously good. ★ Dark, deep, journeyed #uplifted  WE WANT MORE “two ageing ravers” #thaumaturgy”


OMP: Understanding ME:

These are my initial SETS as I learn what genre of music makes me… It’s a journey of discovery, a very personal thing – Sets which maybe should not be published… but this is me being open about the music I listen to and the direction I wish to go as a DJ and hopefully build a following… see terminology like ‘open format’ are new to me, so it’s all about learning how I fit into the pool of talent that is already. Having spent 12 months in DJ school just learning the processes and crafting the digital skills required as a DJ – these sets are about putting into practice that knowledge – from learning software like ‘Platinum Notes’ to ‘Mixed in Key’ to using the metronome and the ‘Beat Grid’ adjust in Rekordbox… to learning about DJ tools, building a playlist and hitting record. These sets are not perfect – and why should they be – it’s about learning and mastering a skill which I understand will take many years – hence the name ‘Old Man Pablo’ – one day I aim to be good…

Thxs for your support – do please follow my journey ; ) OMP


SET:10 #melodic #progressive #tech-house

SET:9 #mainstage

SET:8 #techno

SET:7 #trance

SET:6 #disco

SET:5 #disco

SET:4 #progressive-house

SET:3 #middle-eastern

SET:2 #middle-eastern

SET:1 #middle-eastern

SET 3 – Discovery Sessions

“It takes me somewhere surreal, away from current reality, somewhere unknown”

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