Never too old to learn or find courage to change: OLD MAN PABLO I’ve given myself permission to chase a dream to be a credible DJ in this life

Old Man Pablo
old man Pablo

⏹ ⏸ ▶️ Discovery Sessions Vol: 2…

Come, dance with me: My second ‘Discovery Sessions’ sets… with these SETS I’m building my collection with new tunes and still learning what genres of music makes me…

It’s a journey of discovery, a very personal thing. Sets which maybe should not be published (these are not about being the finished club set, but about me growing in confidence and understanding the music – what works – how to play it – when or how to mix the different genres and adding more tracks to the collection, so I can fill the “gaps” with awesome tunes that are in key or energy when creating new playlists or mixing on the fly )… this is me being open about the music I listen to and the direction I wish to go as a DJ and hopefully build a following… Thxs for supporting ; ) Pablo

SET:05 #Afro-House #Melodic-House Progressive-House #Trance

SET:04 #Deep-House #Melodic-House Progressive-House #Trance

SET:03 #Progressive-House #Melodic-House #Trance

SET:02 #Dance #Electro-Pop

SET:01 #tech-house

⏹ ⏸ ▶️ Mix Sessions – On the fly, in the mix…

Come, dance with me: The Mix Sessions – moving on from the previous ‘Discovery Sessions’ and the rabbit hole of a musical experience that was, I’m now learning to curate a set as if playing LIVE – not knowing where the music will take me or which genre it transcends – just having fun and enjoying the process. One take as always, having the courage to publish and take this mix as the foundation to build on… AGAIN – Mistakes are made (and kept in) as are the tracks that may not make the final set to come – I hope you enjoy this as much as I have discovering the tracks, learning as I go and trusting my ears and heart are building a credible set ; ) Pablo

SET:10 #melodic-house

SET:09 #electronica

SET:08 #progressive-house

SET:07 #edm-mix

SET:06 #trance

SET:05 #progressive-house

SET:04 #progressive-house

SET:03 #melodic-house-and-techno

SET:02 #edm #progressive-house #middle-eastern

SET:01 #progressive-house #middle-eastern

Never too old to learn or find courage to change: OLD MAN PABLO I’ve given myself permission to chase a dream to be a credible DJ in this life

⏹ ⏸ ▶️ Bio: From back in my younger days being called PABLO ONE DECK (Hi-Fi record player) to buying my first Numark TT100s cir. 2000…

@ 50 I decided to chase a dream – which was to happen in my next life. After lockdown I gave myself permission to follow that dream, having the realisation that the people we lost also had aspirations and a hope for their futures too…

With age comes FEAR – It has always been about the music and the discovery of that feeling, this I never lost. This is my journey – finding the courage – it’s not about the heights of stardom – its just about becoming a credible DJ in this life and hopefully being able to play my sets for coffee in a bar in Mykonos when I retire.

100% imposter syndrome: 0% experience… follow, dance with me.

SET 1 – Discovery Sessions

“Take a bow. Ridiculously good. ★ Dark, deep, journeyed #uplifted  WE WANT MORE “two ageing ravers” #thaumaturgy”


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